We Study Tantra: These Are Our Kashmir Files and Kerala Stories – Tamal Dasgupta

We study Tantra. These are our Kashmir Files and our Kerala Stories 🌺

Tonight I am reading these two books.

Those who don’t learn from past mistakes, those who don’t learn from the mistakes of others, are doomed to repeat those mistakes.

And those who don’t learn from the wisdom of others, are doomed to go wrong.

What went wrong with Tantra? What went wrong with the three lands of Tantra: Kashmir, Kerala and Bengal? Kashmir is Muslim majority now. Kerala is a fractured state and Bengal was partitioned twice in last 100 years.

But to start with, what is Tantra? How it is connected with the worship of Mother Goddess across thousands of years?

Well, enrol yourself in our seven week online “Ma Kali and Tantra” course modelled on the pattern of Oxford University’s online Tantra course, and find out the answers yourself.

Fees ₹700, and you can paytm/phonepe/Google Pay to 7699750212

You can also bank transfer the amount. Whatsapp the number given above for details.

Joy Ma Kali.

Knowledge of Bengali is essential for attending the Tantra course, as Bengali will be the medium of instructions.

Certificates will be given after successful completion of the course.

Tamal Dasgupta Facebook Page, 17 May 2023


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